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By studying this article, you’ll get a clear picture about why it isn’t your fault that you’re failing in your network marketing business.

You’ll understand that the old network marketing coaching methods are outmoded and will force you to work harder than you’ve got to.

You’ll be in a position to answer how you are seen in the eyes of your prospects. And ultimately, you will learn why the old model could cost you your dreams.

I had personally failed under the old network marketing coaching model, although I went to all the trainings and paid for coaching.

After lots of hours of studying and practicing my telephone abilities with cold prospects nightly, I was still in the same spot year after year.

The final result was that my business cost me more than I made. I never saw a good return for all of my hard work. And trust me, my WHY was big enough.

Outmoded Internet Marketing Coaching


The old strategies that are presently being taught in the social marketing world are superseded and ineffectual because they lack the leverage of the web and positions you as a glorified sales rep.

Absence of Leverage

The old methods wastes everybody’s time thanks to the time and energy that it takes away from you and your family.

You may have experienced this with the numerous hotel meetings and home parties that you were inducting into attending.

Whereas, the new magnetic sponsoring model saves everyone time through convenient online marketing that can be found twenty-four hours per day for interested parties.

This eliminates having to prospect leads one at a time.

Prospecting Leads

The other downfall of old internet promotion coaching is that you appear to be a sales representative when prospecting.

The way that the majority are taught is amateurish and it does not enhance trust.

No trust, equals no sales, which equals your failure.

Against this, the new magnetic sponsoring model permits your prospect to find you online, develop a liaison with them, which will intrigue them to find out how they can work with you once they see the price that you offer.

At that point, the prospect will make efforts to get in touch with you. After speaking with them, you are now in the position to ascertain if they are definitely a good fit for you and your team.

This model makes building trust with the prospect simpler because they received something from you first.

Attraction Promoting Just Plain Works

The old internet marketing coaching model is starting to become outdated, and taking with it unknowing social marketers and their dreams as it dies.

It’s happening with the rise in e-commerce and with the social marketing industry finding out about the magnetic sponsoring model thanks to Mike Dillard.

This data has permitted me and many others to quit doing dials and start prospecting the right way. Success is so sweet once you learn the way to market in the correct way.

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