By Colin Southwell

The photos you take always tell a unique story capturing those magical moments in time. There is nothing really more personal than these memories and that’s why using your photos to create a personalized photo puzzle for someone close to you is a great gift idea. You’re not only giving a unique and fun present, but bringing life to those special memories.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzles say it all when you’re looking to give an unusual gift with a personalized touch for a special occasion. They are perfect for wedding anniversaries to surprise your wife or husband with a gift made from a special photo of a treasured time in your life, presented in a fun and unique way. Even better is that you get to pick the memory. You can choose your favorite wedding picture; a photo of the two of you on your honeymoon; or perhaps a picture of the family and kids. A Photo Puzzle is extra special as it’s not only brings fun in itself, but it’s the one gift that also brings back happy memories. Every time they look for a piece of the puzzle, they will be thinking of that special time in their life.


The possibilities for a Photo Puzzle are unlimited and offer a great gift idea for all types of events and celebrations. Birthdays, Family Reunions and retirement gift are all popular times to give a personalized photo puzzle. They can also however have fun practical uses as well such. A unique way to announce your party of event is to use smaller postcard puzzles and send these out as invitations. What a novel and creative way to send an invitation! Use them for birthdays, parties, special announcements or as a giveaway gift. You can create silly and funny ones that children will simply love to put together.

For that really special anniversary or announcement, why not use a photo puzzle to surprise your partner with a second honeymoon or a unique gift they have always wanted. Just incorporate the clues or words into the puzzle that reveal the secret. Think of the surprise on their face as they gradually realize the contents of the special message within the puzzle. It’s a great way to surprise someone!

After the puzzle has been solved and the last piece put in its place, the enjoyment does not stop here. A personalized photo puzzle get made time and time again because it’s not just the fun of the puzzle, but the memories that go with it that add to the fun. What better way to spend a few hours solving a picture puzzle made from a happy memory? Another popular idea is to frame the completed photo puzzle and hung it on the way. This is a great way of remembering not just the fun, but the memories that the photo puzzle displays. The Photo Puzzle is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

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