Choice and installation of Air Conditioning


Mihai Marian

Once the warm season will settle in, the temperatures during the day and the night will increase greatly, and together with the high humidity they will become unbearable. One of the solutions against these hot temperatures remains the air conditioning. Whether in traffic, at home ar at the office, the air conditioning has become needful.

To be able to correctly use the air conditioning there are some rules we need to follow.


Even from the beginning it’s useful to know that a room with an air conditioning set is a lot better for your health than a high temperature room with high humidity.

One piece of advice would be that the intern unit of the set to be installed in your hallway, for instance, and when running, the doors should be open and the windows closed. Even so, you still have to ventilate the room 3-4 times a day.

You also need to know that the difference between the outside and inside temperature shouldn’t be very big. The optimum difference is recommended to be around 8-9 degrees lower than the outside temperature. Even if at the moment you won’t feel any difference, in time your body will adjust.

One last advice, but probably the best one, is to avoid going from high temperatures to low ones and the other way around. This can cause you a lot of health issues, so it must be avoided. It is recommended to start your air conditioning at a temperature that is close to the exterior one, and every few minutes to decrease that temperature, but not with more than 8-9 degrees.

If you follow the instructions written above, it is likely you won’t be having any problems while using your air conditioning. If you don’t own one, but you consider buying one soon, I recommend you the online store

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