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So, you’re tired of looking at your customizable vinyl modern fashion doll, and she still looks like she did when you pulled her from her box from the online doll store. Does she look sad because she wants a new look or are you just scared to test your skills with a face-up make over? Well I just bought a Delilah Noir vinyl ball jointed doll from Ashton Drake Galleries and I’m about to tell you how to give her a fresh new look.

Giving your BJD freckles can add character and personality. The trick to any freckles face-up is to do it with a light hand, so the freckles aren’t too dark or large on her face. With your paint brush practice dotting freckles on a piece of paper first before you try it on your collectible or limited edition doll. I would hate for you to mess up one of your favorite dolls on your first attempt with freckles. Matter of fact, if you have an old doll lying around your collection, maybe try it on her first. Practice makes perfect.

The materials you will need for your dolls freckles face-up makeover:

1) Reddish-brown or light brown acrylic paint or watercolor paint 2) Matte sealer (Matte or Flay when dry) 3) Small paint brush – (Tiniest brush you can find) 4) Toothpicks and paper towels 5) Paint extender that won’t be shiny when dry (optional) 6) Untinted Acetone


1. First, mix brown paint with water and a matte sealer. The water thins the paint and dilutes the pigment, so the color will look soft and natural on the doll. You’ll want to dilute the paint quite a lot, so that the paint is fairly translucent. You can also use paint extender to dilute the paint, just make sure the paint extender doesn’t dry glossy. You’ll want one that says it will be matte, or flat, when dry.

The matte sealer is mixed with the paint because if you seal the paint after the freckles are painted on, the finish on the freckles could be obviously different than the finish on the rest of the doll’s face. You wouldn’t want the freckles to be shinier than the doll’s skin.

2. Dab the tiniest brush you can find in the paint mixture, then blot it immediately on a paper towel to get rid of excess paint. You want the brush to be almost dry when you spot it on your doll. Be careful not to get so much liquid on the paintbrush that it will run and ruin the rest of your face paint on your fashion doll. Be sure to practice a few before trying on your doll.

3. Spot the paint on the doll’s face. If done perfectly, the freckle will be light enough to look natural. You can make moles this way, too. Don’t make all the freckles the same size, and don’t be too symmetrical and even with the dots. You want them to look natural on your doll’s face.

In case you make a mistake, keep a paper towel next to you so you can blot quickly if you get too much paint in one spot, just be careful not to smear the paint. If you do make a mistake, use a toothpick or your fingernail to immediately wipe away the excess paint before it dries. Once the paint is dry, it will be much harder to get off. Dry paint can be removed with a Q-Tip soaked in untinted acetone. The acetone must be untinted! A colored acetone will stain your doll’s vinyl really fast. Squeeze the wet Q-Tip to get rid of excess moisture before touching it to your doll, because if the acetone drips, you could suddenly find you’ve lost some blush or lip paint, and you’d have to repaint those areas. Rinse the doll under water immediately after using acetone, because acetone can damage vinyl if left on too long.

So, how does your modern fashion ball jointed doll look with her new freckles? Does she like her new face-up makeover. Does she look young and fresh? Are you happy with the change? As you can see, it’s not that hard to customize your vinyl fashion dolls. Practice makes perfect and a little patience. I hope you enjoyed this ball jointed doll tutorial.

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