byAlma Abell

Many vision problems that could not be corrected in decades past can now be resolved with the aid of some kind of Eye Surgery in Fort Collins CO. Even procedures that were possible to correct previously are often less risky and more effective using today’s techniques. While that’s great, none of the more recent methods has eliminated the need for the patient to take a few precautions in the days after the procedure. Here are some points to keep in mind as the recovery period begins.

Forget About Driving for a Day or Two

Depending on the type of outpatient Eye Surgery in Fort Collins CO that the patient undergoes, the patient must refrain from driving for at least one day. If the surgeon recommends a longer period, take that to heart and follow the advice to the letter. The goal is to avoid strain and excessive exposure to sunlight, both of which can cause complications and undo whatever good the surgery would otherwise provide.

Stay Off the Computer

It’s not a good idea to engage in any activity that could cause strain on those healing eyes. That includes spending time on a computer or other Internet-connected device. For at least the first day, that means not using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone to check messages, surf the web, or spend time scrolling through the feed on a social network. There will be plenty of time to do all those things when the eyes are sufficiently healed.

Forget the Lifting

Too much physical exertion is not a good thing while the eyes are recovering. In fact, things like bending over to pick up anything, carrying heavier containers, and essentially doing anything that directly or indirectly exerts pressure on the eyes should be avoided. Along with slowing down the healing process, those activities could trigger problems that require more surgery to correct.

Visit today and learn more about what modern eye surgery techniques have to offer. Arrange for a full eye exam and discuss what some type of procedure would do to correct an existing vision problem. Once the surgery and the recovery time is complete, the patient will enjoy a quality of vision that has not been present for years.

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