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Skull rings have always been associated with men wearing torn T- shirts and jeans, long dirty hair and driving a 1500cc bike, as a matter of fact skull rings were a synonym for biker rings. The skull rings back then used to be hideous and obnoxious but that is not the case anymore; the modern skull rings are extremely well designed and classy, they dont look tacky anymore but very exquisite. What is it that makes the modern skull rings so much better than the ones previously sold? Well, first of all, its the material of the new rings; they are made from one of the finest and most expensive stainless steel, this steel has the strength to fight wear and tear for years and maintain its shine at the same time. The sparkling skull rings catch every ones attention and can be easily adopted as a style statement.

Most of you would say how can we wear a skull ring in our daily lives? Or how can we wear a skull ring to work? The modern skull rings come in different styles that are suitable for your needs, if you wish for a more casual and light weight ring with a brief skull design then today is your lucky day because now such rings are easily available in skull jewelry stores. Most of these rings are made from stainless steel and pure sterling silver both these materials are very strong and have the capability of water resistance, so your ring looks as good as new even if your are wearing it 24/7 for years, this is also the second difference between the modern and old skull rings. Earlier people used to spend a great deal of money to buy a skull ring and just after a few days of using it the color would start to fade and the ring would corrode, making the ring look ugly and orange!


The new rings are designed especially to avoid the problem of corrosion and are polished to keep them safe and sound in their original existence for as long as a person wishes to use it. Thirdly, the old skull rings just looked like the person wearing them was a wanabee but now the rings are designed so gracefully that they make an impressive style statement, you dont have to be a hippy, a biker or a rock and roll lover to enjoy a decent skull ring, if youre a person with an excellent taste of accessories that are not typical and common, skull ring is just the thing for you. Not to forget that if men are wearing skull rings this would make an interesting impression on the ladies out there; ah! I have your attention dont I and your probably curious as hell to hear more.

Well if you are at work and are wearing your exclusive and elegant skull ring the women would notice the shining ring on your hand and would interpret you a person that is cool, fun and happens to have a good taste in accessories; wearing such a ring also implies that youre not a workaholic and have other interests outside the office and have an element of crazy in you which I believe chicks dig! So what are you waiting for? If you dont own a skull ring already order one for yourself right away because nowadays its the key to a better love life and a sexy style statement.

About the Author: For some people their jewelry is not about style but more about power, class, aggression, rage, rebellion and attitude.

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