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The Kiteboard Tour Asia has recently announced and pleased to welcome its participation in the upcoming kiteboarding experience this October. We are talking about the most anticipated kiteboarding event of the month, the Taiwan 2014 Kitesurfing Open and Green Tourism Miaoli. It is supported by prestigious event organisers such as the Sunfish Marketing & Communication Co., and of course, the finest location hosts, the SPOT Beach Club, which brings us to new and exciting event in Taiwan for the very first time, in this season.

KTA Founding Director and kiteboarding enthusiasts Neil Godbold, in his recent interview, stated that it will going to be a fantastic day for all kitesurfing lovers in Taiwan. And he expresses his deepest sincerity to be given the chance to support the first Kitesurfing Open & Green Tourism in Miaoli. It is a cool concept for an event to combine green tourism with an eco-friendly water sport like kiteboarding, he added. It is going to be a lot of fun knowing that there are a lot of great riders in Taiwan and it will be nice seeing them all in action against international players who signed up to make a trip to Jhunan to compete in the name of kiteboarding.


The Taiwan 2014 Kitesurfing Open & Green Tourism Miaoli is going to be a spectacular event of this year. It will take place in October 17 up to the 19th of the month. The Longfong Fish Harbour beach front in Jhunan and will feature a number of events and activities in this ground-breaking festival. Aside from the anticipated kitesurfing event, KTA Asian Champions Ken Nacor and Kathrin Borgwardt and some of the event organisers will offer the public a chance to try power kiting and perhaps it is the first step and the door to discovering future champions with this kind of public service.

With so much to expect in the upcoming kitesurfing event in Taiwan, the kite competition will also feature a festival full of live music performances scheduled to rock the audiences on their feet. Also, there is a road race, eco walks and a number of water sport opportunities to test some new sports during the three days kitesurfing festival schedule. Sunfish, one of the organisers of the event, do not only offer the crowd some breath-taking power kiting actions and kite blasting water performances and tricks, but also giving the audience the chance to try out some water sports by themselves just like windsurfing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding and kitesurfing as well with training staff from SPOT Beach Club to guide them.

The competition has been sanctioned by the International Kiteboard Association (IKA) as a points ranking event, to add to the excitement and competitive edge. So the stage is now set for what everyone hopes will be the first of many Taiwan Kitesurf and Green Tourism events to come. It will be a kitesurfing event that everyone wont ever forget. Make sure you wont miss out this anticipated event of this month. It will be an inspiring water sport treat to the crowds.

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