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Surgery is a medical field dating back at least two millenniums. A specialty area within surgery is plastic surgery, which deals with reconstruction of specific parts of the body. It may be performed for restoring form and shape following deforming injuries, or for cosmetic purposes, which usually deal with enhancement of appearance. Records show that plastic surgery was practiced as far back in history as 800 B.C.E in ancient India by the famous ancient surgeon, Sushruta, as mentioned in his book which compiled a number of surgical methods and instruments. The idea and knowledge travelled across the world, and improvements on procedure and technique were made with passing time and developing technology.Plastic surgery has a large number of purposes. Throughout history, it has proved to be especially useful and even life-saving for victims of burns or congenital deformities in the form of reconstruction surgeries and skin grafts. However, the latter is a common technique in all kinds of plastic surgeries. Skin grafts may be taken from the recipient (Autograft) as well as a another donor of the same species (Allograft). In rare cases, skin grafts are taken from members of another species, called Xenografts, but are almost never performed. Reconstruction surgeries also play a big role in repairing damage caused by traumatic injuries, such as facial fractures. They help in completely restoring normal function following such injuries, which would otherwise be nearly impossible Reconstructive plastic surgery ranks below cosmetic surgery in terms of popularity. Cosmetic surgery is a specialty sub-category of plastic surgery that deals with cosmetic alterations of different parts of the body, aimed towards enhancement of aesthetic appeal. There are a large number of sub-categories and types within this procedure itself, for example Abdominoplasty, Rhinoplasty and Eyelid surgery. Annually, millions of people undergo cosmetic surgery throughout the world, with over 12 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed in USA itself. Cosmetic surgery in India is rising in popularity, and is the country the second most popular centre for cosmetic surgery in Asia, only next to China. One of the prime hospitals in the country known for performing the surgery is Noble Hospital, Pune. Is it one of the many medical fields that Noble Hospital is well-known for proficiency and expertise in. The hospital staff of expert and trained plastic surgeons carefully perform every operation in order to maintain scar-free and seamless looks post-operation. Their medical team provides assistance and quality care to the patients throughout the procedure as well as before and after it. The surgeons dont limit their practice in plastic surgery to cosmetic. They are also trained and proficient in other plastic surgery methods such as burn treatments, hand reconstruction, facial bone reconstruction and other well known forms of it.Noble Hospital quality care and facilities make it a desirable stop for a patient\’s medical needs, regardless of the underlying issue complexity. The hospital facilities, staff support and team of expert doctors and surgeons make it one of the most well-known and preferred centres for cosmetic surgery in the country.


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