If your dog or cat has been injured, you will want to seek out emergency services immediately. Since you can’t take them to a regular veterinarian after hours, it helps to know a 24 hour vet in the area who you can trust to care for your companion. Understanding how to find the best 24 hour vet for your pet should give you the peace of mind you need during any emergency situation. Although you can’t predict when your pet will need care after hours, you can have confidence knowing that should anything go wrong, the emergency vet can provide the services your pet needs.

Fast and effective care when your pet needs it most


Whether your pet has a thorn in its foot, has swallowed an item, or is having an upset stomach, you will be worried sick until they are seen by a professional veterinarian. Sometimes symptoms of an illness present themselves all at once even though your pet seemed fine during the day. If the illness or emergency occurs at night or after standard vet office hours, it is essential to locate an alternative. A 24 hour vet is someone who offers their professional veterinary services after standard business hours. They will provide the fast and effective care your pet can rely on in their time of need.

State of the art medical equipment

When searching for the perfect 24 hour vet, you need to find a professional who uses updated, state of the art medical equipment. This will ensure that your pet receives the quality care they deserve. When it comes to delivering outstanding vet services, an emergency veterinarian is no different than your standard vet. They have the same high level of training and professional ability and can provide the attentive care your pet deserves using the best medical technology.

Following up with your regular vet

After your pet has been to see the 24 hour vet, you will want to make sure that they are completely okay. In most situations, the vet will follow up with your pet’s prihour vet, make sure that they have no problem following up with your pet’s standard care provider. Yorba Regional Vets is a premier pet hospital that delivers quality care for pets of all types. Visit their website to learn more information at You can also visit them on Google+