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Mike Gibson

David was an executive in an MNC. He was on a healthy salary and enjoyed numerous perks. He had a happy family with his aged parents, wife and two children. He was, however, the sole bread earner in the family. So, they led simple lives and David hardly managed to make a saving of few hundreds of dollars at the end of every month. He invested those in fixed income instruments so that he can earn some fixed returns. He could not afford to take much risk for reasons understandable.

At the beginning of each month, he sat down with his wife calculating the monthly expenses and making allocations accordingly. One salary and so many bills to pay! they wondered. The grocery bills, the medical bills and the medicine cost of his parents, the school fees of the children, the car fuel cost as well as the electricity and telephone bills; to name a few. Besides the standard and fixed expenditures there are the contingent expenses like surprise invitation or the sudden malfunctioning of any home appliance or car breakdown etc.


On the top of these suddenly he came to know that there has been a resource cutting drive in his company at the wake of global recession and he lost his job in a two weeks notice. It was difficult for the whole family, David could not think of any solution. However, he had to find himself a solution and had just one month in hand in which time he could manage his finances with the money he received from the office. He updated his resume and applied for the different jobs available in the smaller and local companies. He knew he will have to settle for much lesser salary but there was nothing he could do, given the economic scenario. After much search, finally he found himself a job in a local company. He received a better position for his experience but the company paid him almost 30% less.

David and his wife consulted and decided that now since the children are little grown up, his wife can also make time for some work from home. Since she had commerce stream in her university days, she preferred to do something related to the finance sector. They researched on the net and finally zeroed in on trading forex. Davids wife went through several sites, reading in details the Forex Trading Guide and trying hard to get a grip of the Forex Trading Systems


But nothing concrete was working out till one day she found a site called the Envelope Profit System, which shook all her pre notions and prior understanding of the manual Trading Forex

mechanism. She was impressed by the kit and appreciated the comprehensive and timely help extended by the expert team of the portal. Slowly she managed to understand the nuances and she could make gains without taking much risk. There was no hedging or martingale involved and the trading was carried on a secured MT4 platform.

The understanding of when to make entry and when to exit actually made the whole exercise stress free. Also she could manage to earn good return by spending just few minutes every day.

Their earning from this source made up for the reduction of income in the regular service.

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