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Peter KingThomas Sabo was first developed in Germany and Thomas Sabo Charm Club collection is now recognized worldwide. This margin of jewelry through the side of Europe and the United States in the early years. It was in 1984 that silver fashion jewelry brand precious metals were found by a man himself Thomas Sabo. In an image becomes the exclusive image of Thomas riding a bike, it gives an appearance of a Heavy Rock singer-and-roll with curling hair and adorn your look with a jacket and a pair of boots sharp head.

Thomas Sabo(http://www.topthomassabo.com) established his own jewelry company. The company headquarters is located in a historic city in Bavaria this company stood out for its quality silver jewelry with extraordinary quality and design from the beginning. In addition to design silver ornaments, the interest of Thomas Sabo also found in rock music and roll spirit and therefore became the subject of product design in a very short time of the year.

Retailers maintain order volumes of jewelry with each trade fair. It was at this time that silver jewelry was obtained anonymously. Sabo was then decided to open a store brand. This was mainly around the end of 1980. Designer Susanne Kolbli services were secured as the company’s creative director in early 1990. Many clients have won more of this brand of jewels for the successful cooperation of both together.


The brand has developed its own style, a distinctive face due to the constant support and designs of the two. They had an eye for detail, a great compassion for the material and a sixth sense for fashion and trends. A completely new segment was created for the market because of this.

As for the surprising success at the end of 1990, his company decided to establish its own sales. Throughout Asia, Europe and America unique shops, sales offices and shops were established in different countries in rapid succession. Thomas Sabo went from being a secret to protect fashion savvy to get developed as a well-built, world-renowned brand.

The most popular collection of Thomas Sabo Charms(http://www.bestthomasabo.com/charms-c-1.html) Club collection originated with the idea of creative director Susanne Kolbli. Fashion today has more freedom than ever before. There are several trends at all and so is their library.

The collection of about jewelry and watches to suit all occasions and different teams covering work clothes, party clothes, casual clothing and appearance. The various collections can join, or to enhance the look.

Twice a year are new ideas floating in the collection? These new ideas of jewelry is put in place each spring and autumn, in line with international fashion more important in Milan, London, Paris and New York.

The story of Thomas Sabo has been very interesting and gives you an incredible choice of different styles and jewelry designs offered by Thomas Sabo Charm Club collection to choose from.


Thomas Sabo Jewellery

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