4Story Feran def warrior build



Skills: I do know this probly doesnt make a whole lotta sense, but i dont recall the names of these skills xD. so unil i get back on plus write down the skill names, i used the shortcut numbers to indicate which skill is which. The PVP one is probly most confusing. The green path is the first part, plus the red comes after. In pvp stun is your best mate. If you can stun the opponent then you can much win. I use stun, then use assault skills, then use sweep hell, assault skills, skill block, slow, plus then repeat. In TW, warriors are much shields that take hits plus stun people. They rely on other peoples’ aoes to do lots of the killing because warrior can only assault single opponent.

If you’re repping in a party, your job is to collect plus not let the other people die. Do this by A) learning the pulls plus B) using Noble Responsibility plus sweep hell.Rep GuideI will do my best to describe how to rep with efficient pulls. For beginners, reps (repeatable quests) are how you level in this game. You do the same quests over plus over again until you level plus move on to the next set of quests. All reps need killing. To be faster, it helps to know how to kill the most guys the quickest. A “Pull” is what they use to explain a way to collect the monsters to be killed. than walking out plus killing monsters individually, it is faster to collect them in to one place plus kill them with AoE (area of effect skills). Some classes like warrior plus assasin dont have AoE skills, so they want to party with someone who does (priest, wizard, summoner, archer). As a warrior, you will be the tank of the party, meaning that you will run plus collect the monsters plus take all the hits. Other classes are not as tough as us, so it is important to keep the monsters attacking you, do this by using the “Noble Responsibility” skill. Now, one more thing. There are 3 types of monsters: melee, ranged, plus magic. Melee are your best mate because they are so easy to pull. run through plus they follow you. Ranged will throw rocks or shoot arrows at you from a distance, but if you get close, they turn to melee. Magic monsters are annoying because they seldom turn to melee plus so it is hard to pull them. Usually you want to make use of a tree or something to bring them to where you want them to be going.Horusland: 1-18Usually, you dont want to pull monsters to one area here because the AoE skill requires like lvl 16 to make use of. So for this area i labled where the quests are. Also I labled where a quantity of the people are for the beginning quests because I often listen to people ask where these quests/ npcs are. For the 7-10 reps, port to Muffin Hunter Camp. For both 11-13 plus 14-16 reps, port to Horusland Village. For 17-18 reps port to the Inquiry Team’s Camp.Tarat Plains: 19-27For 19-21 reps, port to Temporary Camp of Gate Battle Soldiers. For 22-24 reps, port to Spilban Adventure Team Camp. For 25-27 reps, port to Northern Watch Tower of South StreetChesed: 28-33For all the reps here Bone Collector Camp is the nearest portal plus you want to port here from Magnaskia Military District.Cochma: 34-39These are the worst ever. For 34-36 reps, port to Temporary Jigoris Fortress. For 37-39 reps, port to Elderly Ternpole Town. Again, through Magnaskia.Binah: 40-48For all reps here, port to Village of Silent Sheeps. Again, this is through Magnaskia.Geburah: 49+Port to Chaos Assault Team Advance base.Hopefully this helps some. If you have any lovely suggestions you can put them out in our comment . Thank you plus welcome next time !

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4Story Feran def warrior build