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Is Your Ex Boyfriend Over You? Don’t Give Up Yet!}

Here’s An Opinion On: Yoga Synergy Submitted by: Anthony Malibu How do you know if your ex boyfriend still loves you? Are there ways to tell if he still has feelings, or are you just holding on to false hope?… Continue Reading →

How To Tell If Your Ex Boyfriend Still Wants You}

Here’s An Opinion On: Motherhood Community Submitted by: Anthony Malibu Before trying to get back an ex boyfriend, wouldn’t it be wise to know if he still wants you? Reading your ex’s true feelings toward you can be difficult, especially… Continue Reading →

The Mystery Of Prayer}

Here’s An Opinion On: Breathing Exercises To Relieve Anxiety Benefits Of Deep Breathing For Anxiety Submitted by: Irvin Rozier The act of prayer is surrounded with much mystery Prayer to God can change the course of history Men first began… Continue Reading →

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