Kiteboard Tour Asia Supports The Taiwan 2014 Kitesurfing Open And Green Tourism Miaoli}

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Submitted by: Kiteboarding Stuff

The Kiteboard Tour Asia has recently announced and pleased to welcome its participation in the upcoming kiteboarding experience this October. We are talking about the most anticipated kiteboarding event of the month, the Taiwan 2014 Kitesurfing Open and Green Tourism Miaoli. It is supported by prestigious event organisers such as the Sunfish Marketing & Communication Co., and of course, the finest location hosts, the SPOT Beach Club, which brings us to new and exciting event in Taiwan for the very first time, in this season.

KTA Founding Director and kiteboarding enthusiasts Neil Godbold, in his recent interview, stated that it will going to be a fantastic day for all kitesurfing lovers in Taiwan. And he expresses his deepest sincerity to be given the chance to support the first Kitesurfing Open & Green Tourism in Miaoli. It is a cool concept for an event to combine green tourism with an eco-friendly water sport like kiteboarding, he added. It is going to be a lot of fun knowing that there are a lot of great riders in Taiwan and it will be nice seeing them all in action against international players who signed up to make a trip to Jhunan to compete in the name of kiteboarding.

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The Taiwan 2014 Kitesurfing Open & Green Tourism Miaoli is going to be a spectacular event of this year. It will take place in October 17 up to the 19th of the month. The Longfong Fish Harbour beach front in Jhunan and will feature a number of events and activities in this ground-breaking festival. Aside from the anticipated kitesurfing event, KTA Asian Champions Ken Nacor and Kathrin Borgwardt and some of the event organisers will offer the public a chance to try power kiting and perhaps it is the first step and the door to discovering future champions with this kind of public service.

With so much to expect in the upcoming kitesurfing event in Taiwan, the kite competition will also feature a festival full of live music performances scheduled to rock the audiences on their feet. Also, there is a road race, eco walks and a number of water sport opportunities to test some new sports during the three days kitesurfing festival schedule. Sunfish, one of the organisers of the event, do not only offer the crowd some breath-taking power kiting actions and kite blasting water performances and tricks, but also giving the audience the chance to try out some water sports by themselves just like windsurfing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding and kitesurfing as well with training staff from SPOT Beach Club to guide them.

The competition has been sanctioned by the International Kiteboard Association (IKA) as a points ranking event, to add to the excitement and competitive edge. So the stage is now set for what everyone hopes will be the first of many Taiwan Kitesurf and Green Tourism events to come. It will be a kitesurfing event that everyone wont ever forget. Make sure you wont miss out this anticipated event of this month. It will be an inspiring water sport treat to the crowds.

About the Author: We’ve been kiting, and surfing, for the last few years in San Diego, California, and we absolutely love being headquartered just blocks away from the ocean. And we have a fantastic team here helping us with

to bring you the best customer service possible.


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Senator David Vitter to earmark $100,000 for creationist group

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

David Vitter, a Republican United States Senator from Louisiana, has earmarked US$100,000 for Louisiana Family Forum (LFF), a conservative creationist organization. Vitter put the earmark into the labor, health and education financing bill for fiscal year 2008. The bill specifies the Louisiana Family Forum received the money “to develop a plan to promote better science education.”

Vitter has close ties to the LFF through Dan Richey, a former politician and the group’s grass-roots coordinator, who received $17,250 as a consultant in Vitter’s 2004 Senate race. Also Vitter’s campaign paid Beryl Amedee who is the education resource council chairwoman for the Louisiana Family Forum.

As part of the Louisiana Family Forum efforts to “combat” the teaching of evolution, the group included Kent Hovind‘s “Battle Plan” on its website. Hovind, whose education from the non-accredited Patriot Bible University is widely considered to be a diploma mill, is currently serving a ten year prison sentence for tax evasion and obstructing federal agents.

In a written statement Vitter explained, “This program helps supplement and support educators and school systems that would like to offer all of the explanations in the study of controversial science topics such as global warming and the life sciences.” However, reporter James Gill poked fun at Vitter’s admission of using the services of Pamela Martin and Associates, a prostitution service ran by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, and his recent creationist earmark. “We were better off when Vitter, in between homilies on the sanctity of marriage, was blowing his own money on prostitutes. At least the kids were safe,” Gill wrote. He continued, “They will not be if the Louisiana Family Forum gets its way.”

US Senate advances health care reform bill

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The US Senate has voted by 60 to 40 votes to close debate on landmark health care reform legislation backed by President Barack Obama but unanimously opposed by Republican lawmakers. Now, the divided chamber appears to be heading towards a vote to pass the bill on Thursday.

All 100 senators were gathered in the Capitol building for a key procedural vote on health care reform legislation. All 58 Democrats in the Senate, plus the two independents who normally vote with them, voted for cloture, which limits the length of debate. All forty Republicans unanimously opposed the cloture.

The bill would extend health insurance coverage to 30 million US residents who currently lack it, and forbid insurance companies from practices such as denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Most residents would be required to purchase health insurance for the first time, with subsidies provided to those who cannot afford it.

“We’ll get this [bill] passed before Christmas and it will be one of the best Christmas presents this Congress has ever given the American people,” said Democratic senator Tom Harkin.

“This country, the greatest and richest the world has ever seen, is the only advanced nation on earth where dying for a lack of health insurance is even possible,” said Senate Majority leader Harry Reid.

Most Republicans, however, said they believed the bill is too expensive and would not correct the current problems with the US’s health care.

If the bill passes in the Senate, that version will have to be merged with a more liberal version passed by the House of Representatives which includes a government-run alternative, not included in the Senate version.

My Top Housecleaning Tip}

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Submitted by: Frederick Grear

This last Mother’s Day, my husband paid for a couple of months worth of a house cleaning maid service as my gift. And let me tell you, that house cleaning service was seriously one of the best gifts I have ever received! I thoroughly enjoyed having a maid service do all of my house cleaning for me for a couple of months. I enjoyed the maid service so much, in fact, that at the end of the time period my husband had paid for, I talked him into hiring the maid service on permanently. Now that I have experienced house cleaning services, I would never go back to doing my own house cleaning ever!

My maid service does a variety of house cleaning services around the house for me. For me, my least favorite part of house cleaning is definitely cleaning the bathroom. Let’s face it, bathrooms are just gross! Every house has a disgusting bathroom that is in dire need of a good, deep clean. My maid service comes in once a week and gives every bathroom in my house such a good, clean, scrub down that I could practically eat breakfast off the floor if I wanted to! Now that is house cleaning.

The kitchen is another spot in my house that I enjoy leaving to the house cleaning service. When my maid leaves at the end of a good house cleaning day, my kitchen counter tops gleam and I can almost see my face reflecting in my spotless, shiny sink. And the kitchen floor is always one hundred percent spot free when my maid service is finished with the house cleaning.

YouTube Preview Image

Other hard to clean spots in my house that I have enjoyed leaving to the maid service and their wonderful house cleaning expertise is the carpets in my kids bedrooms. I don’t know how those kids get those carpets so messy, especially seeing that the only place in the house that is allowed food is the kitchen. (this rule was set in place in an attempt to keep the rest of the house clean) But low and behold, every single week, I go into the kids rooms to find spots of who knows what all over the floor. Those carpets would seriously be my house cleaning nightmare! Thank goodness for my maid service! Every week, without fail, somehow those marvelous house cleaning experts manage to get every single spot out of the carpets. It is truly amazing.

I seriously enjoyed those couple of months with my maid service and the house cleaning business they worked with so much, that I could not bare to see them leave when my gift expired! I am so glad I have a wonderful husband who was kind enough to pay my molly maid maid service to stay on and do some permanent house cleaning for me and my family. Now I am free to spend more time with my family! Do you want to know my best house cleaning tips? Get yourself a maid service and hire a house cleaning business.

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Record number of bicycles sold in Australia in 2006

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Bicycle sales in Australia have recorded record sales of 1,273,781 units for 2006, exceeding car sales by 32 percent. It is the fifth year in a row that the bicycle industry has sold more than one million units, a figure yet to be realised by car manufacturers.

The Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) spokesman Ian Christie said Australians were increasingly using bicycles as an alternative to cars. Sales rose nine percent in 2006 while the car market stalled. Mr Christie said people were looking to cut their fuel costs and improve their fitness.

Mr Christie said organisations were beginning to supply bicycles as a company vehicle. “There is an emerging trend towards people using bikes as their official company-supplied vehicle in place of the traditional company car,” he said.

“Some of Australia’s biggest corporations now have bicycle fleets, and when you add in government organisations, we now know of at least 50 organisations which operate fleets of bikes.”

“Although the company bicycle is a long way from taking over from the company car, it’s an important trend when you consider that nearly half of all cars sold are to company fleets.”

The CPF claims most commutes to work are less than 5 kilometres (3 miles) making bicycle travel a viable alternative.

Demonstrator in coma – serious allegations against the French police

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

During the large demonstration against the impending so-called First Employment Contract law (in French: Contrat de Première Embauche – CPE) on Saturday in Paris, one of the demonstrators was perilously injured in the head. Now, allegations have been brought against the French riot police Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS). Eyewitnesses report that officers of the CRS kicked 39-year-old Cyril Ferez while he was lying on the ground. A report of a CRS-officer draws a different picture of the incident.

The incident happened during the evacuation of the Place de la Nation by the CRS at the end of the demonstration against the first employment contracts at about 8.30 p.m. Cyril Ferez works for the Orange telecommunication company in Torcy and is a member of the trade union Sud-PTT, which represents workers at post offices and telecommunication companies. According to the photographer Bruno Stevens, Cyril Ferez was running away from the police, together with some other demonstrators. “He was slower. He was hit directly on the head. He collapsed like a sack. They hit him further while he was lying on the ground,” the photographer told the French newspaper Libération. While he was hit by the police, he did not react in any hostile way towards them, said another photographer, Victor Tonelli. The police are said to have hit the demonstrator with night sticks and with their feet. The trade union Sud-PTT accuses the police of not having called for medical help for the injured person, despite having been called to do so. The trade union demands an official meeting with the home secretary on Wednesday afternoon and calls the behaviour of the police as not being worthy of the government of a democratic state. According to a report of the press association Reuters, the seriously injured person was immediately hospitalised. According to members of the government, referring to the treating doctors, Cyril Ferez was admitted to the hospital Henri-Mondor de Créteil with 2.7 grammes of alcohol in his blood. According to a report of a CRS-officer, with a copy of it on hand of the press association AFP and relying on statements of Cyril Ferez (before he fell into his coma), the injuries are not a result of a fight between CRS-officers and Cyril Ferez. According to this report, Cyril Ferez was attacked by other demonstrators. The report was given to the police audit. Members of the opposition party and the trade unions demand a complete clearing up of the incident.

On Sunday morning, Cyril Ferez fell into a coma. The police audit “Inspection générale des services” wants to investigate the incident. Therefore, the police audit would like to find out which witnesses were on site and which officers of the CRS were involved in the incident. Doctors assume that Cyril Ferez, if he survives, will suffer from neurological consequences. Directly after the demonstration, the police prefecture had claimed that 18 demonstrators had been injured, but that there was no seriously injured person among them.

French trade unions and student organisations have announced a general strike for 28 March. On Saturday, about 1.5 million people participated in the countrywide demonstrations against CPE.

This is a translation of the article “Demonstrant im Koma – Schwere Vorwürfe gegen die französische Polizei” from German Wikinews.

US swimmer Phelps suspended over ‘pot pipe’

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Friday, February 6, 2009

United States swimmer Michael Phelps has been banned from competition and his training stipend revoked for three months by USA Swimming after Phelps was photographed smoking from a glass pipe, often used for smoking cannabis. The picture was published last Sunday by British tabloid News of the World.

USA Swimming, which is the governing body of swimming in the United States, however said that no “anti-doping” rules had been violated.

“This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero,” it stated. “Michael has voluntarily accepted this reprimand and has committed to earn back our trust.”

Should Phelps have been punished at all? If so, was the punishment strict enough?
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The suspension will end in time for Phelps to train for the US Championships, which are to be held on the 7th of July.

Phelps has also lost sponsor Kellogg, who said that it would not renew its deal with the swimmer next month.

Phelps won a record eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing last year, and has since become one of the world’s most famous athletes.

Automobile manufacturer Ford posts unexpected profits

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The US automobile manufacturer Ford has said that it posted a net profit of US$997 million in the third quarter of this year, and predicted that it would be “solidly profitable” by 2011. The reports surprised most analysts, who had forecast that the auto company would lose money.

Ford’s profits equate to 26 cents per share, a large difference to the 12 cent per share lost that had been anticipated by most economic analysts.

“Our third-quarter results clearly show Ford is making tremendous progress despite the prolonged economic slump,” said the firm’s chief executive officer, Alan Mulally. “While we still face a challenging road ahead, our transformation is working and our underlying business continues to grow stronger.”

Mulally predicted that his company would meet or even surpass all of its financial targets, and suggested that the fourth quarter of this year could see it post an operating profit.

Fußball-Bundesliga 2007–08: Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28, 200717:00 (UTC+1)
Borussia Dortmund 0–0 Bayern Munich Signal Iduna Park, DortmundAttendance: 80,708Referee: Markus Merk
Tinga 45’Valdez 61’Valdez 79’Federico 79’Blaszczykowski 83’Klimowicz 83’Klimowicz 90’+1′ Match Report 66′ Sosa 66′ Altintop 70′ Toni 70′ Podolski 88′ van Bommel 88′ Ottl 90’+1′ Schweinsteiger

Bayern Munich remained undefeated in all competitions after a 0-0 draw against Borussia Dortmund. The draw leaves Bayern at the top of the table with 27 points. However, the lead is down to four points after Hamburg’s 1-0 win against Duisburg.

Franck Ribery didn’t pass a late fitness test and didn’t make the 18-man strong matchday squad. Luca Toni, Martin Demichelis an Jose Ernesto Sosa replaced Lukas Podolski, Philipp Lahm and Hamit Altintop. Jose Ernesto Sosa returned after being sidelined for almost two months after ankle surgery.

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund exchanged plenty of chances and almost had a 50/50 possession between them.

Bayern Munich plays Borussia Mönchengladbach at home in the DFB Cup while Borussia Dortmund plays Eintracht Frankfurt in the same competition.

Effective Ways On How To Keep Your Student Credit Card From Serious Debt

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Submitted by: Mario Churchill

Nothing symbolizes the entry of adulthood and independence much better than being in college. Most especially if you re working your way through it. If look back in our lives, college would seem to be the time when we both get to enjoy our youth and being an adult.

But we all know being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. Couple this with the exuberance, the carefree ways and sometimes, the stupidity of youth, there will come a time when we get ourselves into trouble, especially when it comes to our finances.

College is not just about having to study your lessons, write your papers and preparing for the exams, nor is it about having all the wondrous parties, hanging around with friends or maybe going around the mall looking for the perfect gadgets and outfits. We should all consider the bills we have to pay and all the other expenses.

Many of us in the past years have enjoyed the privilege and the benefits of having a student credit card. We are able to purchase almost everything we need even if we don t have any money yet. But of course, a student credit card is not a gift check or the like. Every purchase that we charge to our student credit card must be paid at the end of the month when the bill comes in. If not, then instead of looking forward to a great and promising future when we graduate, it could be piles of debt that we may need to work hard for just to pay not only the capital, but also the mounting interest.

YouTube Preview Image

A lot of people may insist that there shouldn t even be credit cards available for college students. Why? It s obvious, a lot of college students are not just responsible having one yet. There are a lot of temptations around them and making purchases can be very tempting even when they don t have the means to pay or afford it.

But then again there are some people who would argue that credit cards would help train them as adults and owning one would better prepare them for their future. Both have their points, but nevertheless, the student credit card is already here. So the next best thing is for parents, or the students on their own, employ effective methods to control their spending and keep them out of debt. Here s a few ways on how to do it.

Prepare a budget before getting a student credit card. You must know how much you are able to pay for and revolve around it. List down all the necessary things you must spend your money on and only add luxuries if your income or allowance still allows it to.

Stick to your budget no matter what. If you think you don t have the discipline to do so, dot get a student credit card, it s too much of a temptation. Having a student credit card doesn t mean you only have to pay the minimum, even though you can. This is the way the credit card company makes money; the less you pay the more interest you have to deal with.

Use your credit card only on purchases you can t afford to pay cash for at the moment. This is for things that can be quite expensive yet is really needed and can be used over and over again. Don t ever splurge and pay for cash on purchases that you are able to.

Be responsible and pay off everything that you charged by yourself. Don t go whining to your parents every month to take care of your balances. Show a little self respect and prove to everyone that you’re mature enough to take responsibility of your actions.

About the Author: Mario Churchill is the owner of a

credit card

website with links where you can

apply for a credit card

which best suits your needs.


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